• Clapton Ni80 Kairos 100ml

    3mg Icy Fruits
    3mg The Eagle
    3mg Joocy Fruits
    3mg Custard & Jello
    3mg Bmt Pancakes

    Kairos Custard & Jello 100ml 3mg

  • Clapton Ni80 Kairos 60ml

    0mg Joocy Fruits
    3mg Joocy Fruits
    6mg Joocy Fruits
    0mg Bmt Pancakes
    3mg Bmt Pancakes
    6mg Bmt Pancakes
    0mg Icy Fruits
    3mg Icy Fruits
    6mg Icy Fruits
    0mg Custard & Jello
    3mg Custard & Jello
    6mg Custard & Jello

    Kairos Custard & Jello 60ml 6mg

  • Six Licks Classic Free Base

    3mg Bite The Bullet
    3mg Bluemobia
    3mg Love Bite
    3mg Melon On My Mind
    3mg Truth Or Pear

    Six Licks Free Base Nic 75ml 3mg

    Product description

    Six Licks E Liquid brings to you 6 amazing flavours in a 75ml shortfill bottle

    With ‘Love Bite’ winning 2 major awards at Vaper Expo and Vape Jam these E liquids are sure to be must on anyone’s list,