• Bradford Tropical Oasis

    0mg Tropical Oasis

    Tropical Oasis

    3mg Tropical Oasis

    Tropical Oasis

    6mg Tropical Oasis

    Tropical Oasis

    Bradford Tropical Oasis Tropical Oasis Free Base Nic 60ml 0mg/3mg/6mg

    Product description

    A Fruity Blend of Mango undertone with Raspberry and Strawberry Deliciousness

  • Bradford Tropicool 60ml

    0mg Tropicool


    3mg Tropicool


    6mg Tropicool


    Bradford Tropicool Tropicool 60ml 6MG

  • Charlie’s Chalk Dust Sister Brands

    6mg Miss Meringue
    0mg Mr Meringue
    3mg Mr Meringue
    3mg Uncle Meringue
    6mg Mr Meringue
    6mg Uncle Meringue
    0mg Aunty Meringue
    0mg Miss Meringue
    3mg Aunty Meringue
    3mg Miss Meringue
    6mg Aunty Meringue

    Aunty Meringue 0mg/3mg/6mg. 60ml

    Product description

    Aunt Meringue by Charlie’s Chalk Dust is the newest dessert flavor from the Mr. Meringue series, capturing the essence of an apple meringue pie baked into a golden crust. This dessert vape is sure to be a fan favorite for those that like sweet fruity bakery flavors.

    Main features

    60mL Chubby Unicorn Bottles
    70% VG
    30% PG
    Child-Resistant Cap
    Manufactured by Charlie’s Chalk Dust
    Made in USA
    Available Nicotine: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg

  • Charlies Chalk Dust Pachamama Free Base Nic

    6mg The Mint Leaf

    The Mint Leaf

    0mg Blood Orange Banana Gooseberry

    Blood Orange Banana Gooseberry

    0mg Fuji Apple Strawberry Nectarine

    Fuji Apple Strawberry Nectarine

    0mg Huckelberry Pear Acai

    Huckelberry Pear Acai

    0mg Mango Pitaya Pineapple

    Mango Pitaya Pineapple

    0mg Passion Fruit Rasberry Yuzu

    Passion Fruit Rasberry Yuzu

    0mg Pearl


    0mg Strawberry Guava Jackfruit

    Strawberry Guava Jackfruit

    0mg The Mint Leaf

    The Mint Leaf

    3mg Blood Orange Banana Gooseberry

    Blood Orange Banana Gooseberry

    3mg Fuji Apple Strawberry Nectarine

    Fuji Apple Strawberry Nectarine

    3mg Huckelberry Pear Acai

    Huckelberry Pear Acai

    3mg Mango Pitaya Pineapple

    Mango Pitaya Pineapple

    3mg Passion Fruit Rasberry Yuzu

    Passion Fruit Rasberry Yuzu

    3mg Pearl


    3mg Strawberry Guava Jackfruit

    Strawberry Guava Jackfruit

    3mg The Mint Leaf

    The Mint Leaf

    6mg Blood Orange Banana Gooseberry

    Blood Orange Banana Gooseberry

    6mg Fuji Apple Strawberry Nectarine

    Fuji Apple Strawberry Nectarine

    6mg Huckelberry Pear Acai

    Huckelberry Pear Acai

    6mg Mango Pitaya Pineapple

    Mango Pitaya Pineapple

    6mg Passion Fruit Rasberry Yuzu

    Passion Fruit Rasberry Yuzu

    6mg Pearl


    6mg Strawberry Guava Jackfruit

    Strawberry Guava Jackfruit

    Charlie’s Chalk Dust Pachamama 0mg/3mg/6mg 60ml

    Product description

    From the makers of Charlie’s Chalk Dust comes a line designed specifically for fruit lovers: introducing Pachamama! Eclectic and unique blends have always been the strength behind Charlie’s Chalk Dust. With Pachamama, tropical flavors are at the forefront, paying homage to the bounties of Mother Earth. These e-liquids focus on the harmony and balance between fruits, so if you’re dreaming of a tropical vacation, this luscious, distinct lineup of ejuices from Charlie’s Chalk Dust is just right for you. Escape with Pachamama.

  • Clapton Ni80 Kairos 100ml

    3mg Icy Fruits
    3mg The Eagle
    3mg Joocy Fruits
    3mg Custard & Jello
    3mg Bmt Pancakes

    Kairos Custard & Jello 100ml 3mg

  • Cravve Classic Free Base Nic

    6mg Red
    0mg Gold
    0mg Red
    3mg Gold
    3mg Red
    6mg Gold

    Cravve Free Base Nic 120ml 0mg

    Product description

    Gost is one of the most unique brands of premium e liquids that has become a fan favorite throughout the vaping community. Known for providing an extensive array of delectable and unique flavor profiles of exceptional variety, Gost remains one of the best to ever do it. One of their most ambitious and prolific flavors, Gold is a luxurious fusion of a crisp and warm coffee flavored cookie with a smooth coating of sugary caramel drizzled on top as part of their new Cravve series of e liquids.
    With the first sweeping inhale of Gold your tongue will be home to a sweet blend of crunchy coffee cookies with a light caramel glaze aspect. From the thick and dense plume of exhaled vapor rises a more prominent caramel sweetness while your nose experiences a soothing coffee aroma. The aftertaste that lingers in your mouth is a crisp cookie and thick coffee flavor with a sweet release of sugary caramel.
    Gold is made using 70% VG and 30% PG for a balanced level of cloud production and flavor with every rip. You can order a 120ml bottle of Gold by Cravve here at with 0mg, 3mg, or 6mg of nicotine depending on your preferred level of vaping.

  • Dr Vapes Panther Series 60ml

    0mg Pink Lemonade
    6mg Purple On Ice
    0mg Gold
    0mg Gold On Ice
    0mg Pink
    0mg Pink Smoothie
    0mg Purple
    0mg Purple On Ice
    3mg Bubble Gum Kings
    3mg Gold
    3mg Gold On Ice
    3mg Pink
    3mg Pink
    3mg Pink On Ice
    3mg Pink Sour
    3mg Pink Candy
    3mg Pink Colada
    3mg Purple
    3mg Purple On Ice
    6mg Gold
    6mg Gold On Ice
    6mg Pink
    6mg Pink On Ice
    6mg Pink Smoothie

    Panther Series Pink Smoothie Free Base N

  • Elda Classic 120ml

    0mg Cola
    0mg Delizia Citron
    0mg Pink Lemonade
    0mg Troprical Island
    3mg All
    3mg Delizia Citron
    3mg Pink Lemonade
    3mg Troprical Island
    0mg Banana Puding
    0mg Blackberry Yogurt
    0mg Fresh Minty
    0mg Granny's Strudel
    0mg Juicy
    0mg Milkshake
    3mg Banana Puding
    3mg Blackberry Yogurt
    3mg Fresh Minty
    3mg Granny's Strudel
    3mg Juicy
    3mg Milkshake

    Elda Classic Free Base Nic 120ml

    Product description

    This is Premium line of e-juice that was launched specifically for sub-ohm vaping and cloud chasing, with 70% VG (Vegetable Glycerin) and 30% PG (Propylene Glycol). All are steeped or aged and served in a beautiful 10ml glass bottle for the best flavor.

    There are a lot of possibilities: all you have to do is think of a fruit or a dessert, sweet and sour, and it’s probably there.

    Choose from a gourmet style collection of flavors, all carefully created with the most perfect flavor in mind. Choose from Granny’s Strudel, Pinky Lemonade, Ice Bon Bon, Waffle Dream, Pink Bubblegum and a few others.

    You’ll be drawn back to childhood with this ELDA PREMIUM LINE and these e-liquids will help you create wonderful clouds.


  • Ivg Ivg Free Base 60ml

    6mg Summer Blaze
    3mg Summer Blaze
    0mg Summer Blaze
    6mg Butterscotch Custard
    3mg Butterscotch Custard
    0mg Butterscotch Custard
    6mg Nutty Custard
    3mg Nutty Custard
    0mg Nutty Custard
    6mg Bubblegum Custard
    3mg Bubblegum Custard
    0mg Bubblegum Custard
    6mg Dessert Cookie Dough
    3mg Dessert Cookie Dough
    0mg Dessert Cookie Dough
    0mg Blue Raspberry
    6mg Neon Lime
    3mg Neon Lime
    0mg Neon Lime
    6mg Strawberry Sensation
    3mg Strawberry Sensation
    0mg Strawberry Sensation
    6mg Pink Lemonade
    3mg Pink Lemonade
    0mg Pink Lemonade
    6mg Cola Ice
    3mg Cola Ice
    0mg Cola Ice
    6mg Blue Raspberry
    3mg Blue Raspberry

    IVG Dessert Cookie Dough 60ml 0mg

  • Jcd Vape Classic 60ml

    2mg Apple Anesthetic
    2mg Ballistic Berry
    2mg Efflorescence
    2mg Hydro Dragon
    2mg Mountain Pie
    2mg Mr Blue
    2mg Musa
    2mg Red Submarine

    Red Submarine 60ml 2mg

  • Liq-kamva Fresh 120ml

    2mg Iced Pear
    2mg Iced Mango
    2mg Iced Apple

    Fresh Iced Pear 120ml 2mg

  • Liquidkiss Classic 100ml

    2mg Zoob

    LiquidKiss Yummy Gummy Free Base Nic 100

  • Liquidkiss Classic 60ml

    2mg Spearmint Gum

    Liquidkiss Spearmint Gum Free Base Nic 60ml 2mg

  • Liquidkiss Sensual 60ml

    2mg Grapple
    2mg Melon

    Liquidkiss Sensual Melon Free Base Nic 60ml 2mg

  • Loaded Free Base Nic

    3mg Banana Custard
    6mg Strawberry Jelly Donut
    3mg Cran Apple On Ice
    6mg Cran Apple On Ice
    0mg Apple Fritter
    0mg Chocolate Glazed
    0mg Cookie Butter
    0mg Cran Apple
    0mg Cran Apple On Ice
    0mg Glazed Donut
    0mg Lemon Bar
    0mg Melon Milkshake
    0mg Raspberry Éclair
    0mg Smores
    0mg Strawberry Jelly Donut
    3mg Apple Fritter
    3mg Chocolate Glazed
    3mg Cookie Butter
    3mg Cran Apple
    3mg Glazed Donut
    3mg Lemon Bar
    3mg Melon Milkshake
    3mg Raspberry Éclair
    3mg Smores
    3mg Strawberry Jelly Donut
    6mg Apple Fritter
    6mg Chocolate Glazed
    6mg Cookie Butter
    6mg Cran Apple
    6mg Glazed Donut
    6mg Lemon Bar
    6mg Melon Milkshake
    6mg Raspberry Éclair
    6mg Smores

    Loaded Free Base Nic 120ml 0mg/3mg/6mg

    Product description

    From sunny Orange County, California, Loaded E-Liquid manufactured by Ruthless Vapor has first exploded onto the scene with Glazed Donuts vape juice. An instant cult favorite among vape enthusiasts everywhere, Glazed Donuts proved that the brand could perfectly recreate the flavor profiles of our most beloved desserts.

    Loaded E-Liquid has since developed two new vape juices that are quickly becoming just as successful as Glazed Donuts. Smores and Cran Apple are brilliant homages to flavors that we all crave on a regular basis.

    All of the Loaded E-Juice Collection and flavors have a base of 70 percent vegetable glycerin (VG) and 30 percent propylene glycol (PG). This base offers vapers the best of both worlds, giving them a satisfying throat hit as well as the ability to blow puffy vape clouds.