• Aspire Avp Kit

    Not Applicable Black

    AVP Mesh POD 0.6ohm (2 unit pack)

  • Aspire Avp Kit

    Not Applicable Black

    AVP Ceramic POD (2 unit pack)

  • Aspire Breeze 2 Aio 1.0 Ohms

    1.0 Ohms Black

    Aspire Breeze 2 AIO Coils 1.0 Ohms

    Product description

    Aspire Breeze 2 Replacement Coil is a 1.0 ohm U-tech coil that is specially designed for nicotine salt type e-liquids. Working with the Aspire Breeze 2 Kit, it will deliver the outstanding flavor. Also, it is compatible with the Aspire Breeze Kit. But it will be better when working with the Breeze 2. Get the 1.0 ohm U-tech coil for your Aspire Breeze. 5pcs in a pack


    Aspire Breeze 2 U-tech 1.0ohm coil
    Fit for: Aspire Breeze 2 Kit, Aspire Breeze Kit



  • Aspire Breeze 2 Aio 3ml

    3ml Clear

    Aspire Breeze 2 AIO Clear Pods 3ml 0.6 Ohm

    Product description

    Aspire Breeze 2 Pod Cartridge is designed for the Aspire Breeze 2 Kit. Made of the high-quality PCTG, it is easy to replace. There are the 2.0ml and 3.0ml capacity for you choose. 0.6ohm resistance available. 1pc in a pack.


    Capacity                             2.0ml / 3.0ml
    Resistance                         0.6ohm
    Material                             PCTG
    Compatibility                   Compatible with Aspire Breeze 2 Kit Only

  • Aspire Breeze Aio 0.6 Ohms

    0.6 Ohms Black

    Aspire Breeze AIO Coils 0.6 Ohms

    Product description

    Aspire Breeze Replacement Coil is an U-tech 0.6ohm coil, which ensure a flavorful vape. the 1.2 ohm coil specifically designed to work perfectly with high nicotine ejuice. (Breeze U-tech coils are not interchangeable with Nautilus X U-tech coils.)


    Resistance: 0.6ohm, 1.2ohm
    Fit for: Aspire Breeze

  • Aspire Breeze Aio 1.2 Ohms

    1.2 Ohms Black

    Aspire Breeze AIO Coils 1.2 Ohms

    Product description

    Aspire Breeze U-Tech Replacement Coils from Aspire provide the users with the latest atomizer technology to support the ultra-portable Aspire Breeze and the Breeze 2. This coil is designed to provide the customers with an effective hit of the flavour and this innovative replacement coil provides them with best of the vaping technology. The overall airflow design for the coil is somewhat to be vertical, as it features a top air-flow that passes down to the vertical spacing of the coil that is U shaped. The kanthal heating elements and the organic cotton is enclosed within the stainless steel casing to provide an excellent level of insulation there is.


    Resistance: 1.2ohm
    Utilizes U-Tech Technology
    Kanthal Heating Element
    100% Organic Cotton


  • Aspire Breeze Nxt Kit

    Not Applicable Black

    Breeze NXT POD

  • Aspire Breeze Nxt Kit 0.8ohms

    0.8ohms Black

    Breeze NXT Mesh Coil 0.8ohm (3 unit pack)

  • Aspire Bvc 1.6 Ohms

    1.6 Ohms Black

    Aspire BVC Coils 1.6 Ohms

  • Aspire Bvc Coils

    1.8 Ohms Black
    1.8 Ohms Grey

    Aspire BVC Grey Coils 1.8 Ohms

    Product description

    Designed to last longer, provide more vapor and give the best in taste, the Aspire Bottom Vertical Coil (BVC) will blow you away! The Aspire BVC is now even better than the original Aspire BDC (Bottom Dual Coil).




  • Aspire Cleito Black Glass Tube

    Glass Tube Black

    Aspire Cleito Black Glass 5ml Glass Tube

    Product description

    Replacement Glass for your Aspire Cleito! Accidents happen, instead of replacing the entire tank you can grab this replacement glass which will fix any cracks or leaks from the tank! As an added bonus, this replacement glass adds an extra 1.5mL of liquid capacity.

  • Placeholder

    Aspire Cleito Coil

    0.4 Ohms Black

    Aspire Cleito Coils 0.4 Ohms

    Product description

    Step up your vape game with the Aspire Cleito 0.4-Ohm Dual Replacement Coils. These coils flaunt an innovative design using Claptonized Kanthal material. And thanks to their 0.4-ohm resistance rating, the coils help create rich, massive clouds, brimming with mouthwatering flavor.

    Main features

    These coils boast an innovative, dual-coil design that replaces your existing tank’s static chimney and helps maximize airflow.
    The unique configuration is designed to boost the flavor profile of your go-to juices while stimulating vapor production.
    Claptonized Kanthal coils make for a delectable flavor with every pull.
    Each coil features a 0.4-ohm resistance level, accommodating sub-ohm vaping for warm, abundant cloud production and further flavor enhancement.
    Use the coils from 40W to 60W for peak performance.


    Brand                                                                  Aspire
    Product Family                                               Clieto
    Wire Material                                                  Kanthal
    Finish                                                                  Polished
    Number of Coils                                             Dual
    Wattage                                                              40-60 watts
    Optimal Wattage                                           40-60 watts
    Wick Material                                                 Organic Cotton
    Resistance Level                                            0.4 Ohms
    510 Connector                                                 Yes

  • Aspire Cleito Glass Tube

    Glass Tube Black

    Aspire Cleito Glass 4ml Glass Tube

    Product description

    This Aspire Cleito Glass Tube is the replacement tube for Aspire Cleito tank. It is very easy to replace. Get it as a spare part for your Cleito! 5ml, 3.5ml tube and 2ml tube for your selection.


    Quantity                                                1pc
    Color                                                      Pure
    Material                                                Pyrex Glass
    Capacity                                                5ml/3.5ml/ 2ml


  • Aspire Cleito Pro 0.15 Ohms

    0.15 Ohms Black

    Aspire Cleito Pro Coils 0.15 Ohms

  • Aspire Cleito Pro 0.5 Ohms

    0.5 Ohms Black

    Aspire Cleito Pro Coils 0.5 Ohms