• Teslacigs Dailee Cartridge 0.9 Ohms

    0.9 Ohms Black

    Product description

    The Teslacigs Dailee Cartridge is compatible with both T-D1 Coil 0.9ohm & T-D2 Coil 1.2ohm which are suitable for regular e-liquid and nicotine salt.

    Brand: Teslacigs

    Main Features:

    1. Suitable for regular e-liquid and nicotine salt
    2. The whistle-like design, portable and compact
    3. Ni-Cr alloy and cotton pulp coil, tastes more natural and pure

    Product Type: Cartridge

    Physical Parameter:

    Size:                                                 24.5 x 21 x 31.5mm

    Capacity:                                       2ml

    Resistance:                                   0.9ohm

  • Teslacigs Invader GT 0.2 Ohms coil

    0.2 Ohms Black

    Product description

    Brand:                                Teslacigs
    Product Type:                 Coil
    T-P1: 0.2Ω(Mesh, 30-50W)
  • Teslacigs Invader GT 0.6 Ohms coil

    0.6 Ohms Black

    Product description

    Brand: Teslacigs
    Product Type: Coil
    T-P2: 0.6Ω(Regular, 13-23W)