• Juice N Power Free Base 60ml

    3mg Blue Raspberry Milk
    3mg Rainbow Milk
    3mg Rainbow Bubblegum
    3mg Rainbow Tropical
    3mg Rainbow Fizz
    3mg Rainbow Spearmint
    3mg Mango Medley
    3mg Melon Berries
    3mg Watermelon Mojito
    3mg Middle East Sour Cherry
    3mg Strawberry Lemon Berries
    3mg Tropical Fruit
    3mg Colour & Black
    3mg Rainbow Sweets
    3mg Colour & Black

    Product description

  • Juice N Power Nic Salt 30ml

    25mg Vimtonic
    50mg Vimtonic
    50mg Rainbow Fizz
    50mg Rainbow Bubblegum
    50mg Rainbow Tropical
    25mg Rainbow Fizz
    50mg Rainbow Spearmint
    25mg Rainbow Spearmint
    50mg Mango Medley
    50mg Melon Berries
    25mg Watermelon Mojito
    50mg Watermelon Mojito
    25mg Rainbow Milk
    50mg Caramel Milk
    50mg Strawberry Lemon Berries
    50mg Rainbow Milk
    25mg Middle East Sour Cherry
    50mg Middle East Sour Cherry
    25mg Rainbow Tropical
    25mg Strawberry Lemon Berries
    25mg Rainbow Sweets
    50mg Rainbow Sweets

    Product description

    Juice N Power SALT is a UK mixed and manufactured range of Nicotine Salt E-Liquids. They offer a range of tasty fruit, candy and Milkshake blended flavours. Formulated for usage with Low powered Pods and Starer Kits they provide a smoother vaper than traditional freebase nicotine eLiquids.