V2 Electronic Cigarettes

V2® is America’s No. 1 brand of electronic cigarettes.

The company offers an unprecedented selection of electronic cigarettes, pre-filled cartridges, e-liquids and multi-function vaporizers.

V2® has distinguished itself as a leader in the industry for powerful vapor production, great taste, a broad range of flavours, and transparent communications around ingredients and quality control. V2® has a presence in over 60 000 retail outlets and is FDA approved.

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Aspire – Vape brand est. 2013

Aspire is a vape brand that was established in 2013

and has always been dedicated to provide customers with high quality products as well as attentive service. With the efforts and creativity of the Aspire team, they have quickly become one of the leading brands in the vaping industry.

Aspire has a professional product R&D team as well as a strict quality control system to ensure best in product quality, constantly developing new products that bring users the best and healthiest alternatives to tobacco.

Aspire to be excellent, aspire to be…

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ELDA e-liquid – leading manufacturer of e-liquids

The company Elda Ltd. is now the leading manufacturer of e-liquids for electronic cigarettes in Europe.

The idea to start the electronic cigarettes business and manufacture of e-liquids came from the President of the Managing Board of the company and its co-owner Dario Marenić
when a Chinese innovator presented this revolutionary product to him at a fair in Las Vegas

The world market is increasingly recognizing the fact that e-cigarettes and e-liquids do not contain tar and other harmful substances which can be found in traditional cigarettes.
They are ideal for quitting smoking and also a more affordable alternative to cigarettes. We decided to take advantage of that and found an opportunity for business activities in this sector in the future.

ABwhite snow - flakeUT US

White-Snow is an organisation that focuses on distribution within the electronic cigarette and vape marketplace. We pride ourselves in delivering exceptional products to consumers that satisfy their needs and delivers a premium experience. We are customer centric, operating in a manner that makes providing a positive customer experience a cornerstone of the company.

We are focused on growing our distribution network, which is made easy due to our highly optimised supply chain, and will also be targeting all sectors of the wholesale and retail markets. White-Snow provides equal opportunities to our employees, creating a stimulating and challenging environment resulting in greater development, paving the path for our company to excel and grow accordingly.

corporate values


White-Snow embodies a commitment to excellence and strives to conduct ourselves both ethically and respectfully. We have a clear understanding that teamwork and collaboration are key factors driving our organisation.

corporate values


Our mission is to be the distributor of choice across Africa for all customers seeking electric cigarette and vape products by providing those of the highest quality, along with reliable service.